Where Did The Poop Emoji Come From?

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Why does the “Poop Emoji” exist? Where did it come from? It’s kind of a funny story..


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16 thoughts on “Where Did The Poop Emoji Come From?

  1. We need your honest feedback! Would you like learn the history of random things (not just emojis)? Should we make this an ongoing series? Let us know your thoughts!

    1. +Dr170 Thanks! We’ve always tried to stick within our theme, but we must admit.. After 5 years of doing “top 10’s”, it’s really nice to be able to switch it up! It’s just about finding which other types of videos you guys will also like.

    2. Top10Archive Go for it. You’re already a million times better than WatchMojo and they broke their commitment to the structure years ago.

    3. Top10Archive Awesome, this history archive video is a good idea.

      But i believe Yahoo! Messenger introduced and popularised emojis to the WEST way before the 1st iFeces… because their Emoticons are used just like Emojis, with just a click.

    4. I love it, it’s a fun idea, particularly if you can hit on origins of things not commonly covered. Like you did with this video. Keep it up!

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