Top 5 Black Dahlia Murder Facts

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It’s one of the most infamous– and gruesome– cold cases of all time. The horrific mutilation of Elizabeth Short became known as the Black Dahlia murder and is one of the most hotly debated conspiracies in Hollywood history. In this installment of Top 5 Fact’s special series on famous murders, we’re revisiting all the most things that investigators have pieced together.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Black Dahlia Murder Facts

  1. You forgot about the venereal diseases doctor was also very closely looked.
    his son who was a detective remembering seeing pictures of someone he
    believes was the black dahlia as well as other some strange stuff his dad
    had been hiding until his death. His son being 5he good and honesty cop he
    was went through the evidence and compared it to what he remembered and the
    “family and normal stuff” he left behind. the son took everything to the
    cops. turns out some of the evidence the cops had been taken Also the
    doctor was a big guy in hollywood. He knew a lot of the secrets about all
    they holly be wigs. Directors, heads of studios, producers, as all as
    actor/actresses. n9 one was want that info to get out. so if was said the
    cops knew the doc was guilty but couldn’t risk all the secrets he had on
    Hollywood players get out. so they either covered it up or made the whole
    thing go away. the son of the doctor the alleged killer of the black

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