Top 10 Signs That A Movie Is Going To Suck

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Movies can be hit or miss, and often there’s no telling whether a film is going to be bad or good, but sometimes all the signs are there! WatchMojo presents the top 10 Signs a Movie Will Definitely Suck! Whether it’s studio interference, a rom-com with a huge cast, or it’s based on a video game! These tips might help you plan for your next trip to the movies more effectively.

00:33 #10. It’s a Sequel to a Horror Movie
01:24 #9. It’s a Comedy with Old Actors
02:14 #8. It Has a Very Aggressive Marketing Campaign
03:02 #7. The Studio Keeps Pushing Back Its Release Date
03:43 #6. Review Embargos Put in Place Until the Last Minute
04:31 #5. It Has Poor Casting Choices
05:19 #4. It’s a Remake of a Classic Movie
#3, #2, #1 ?

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Signs That A Movie Is Going To Suck

  1. 10. A sequel to a horror movie
    9. Comedy with old actors
    8. Very aggressive marketing campaign
    7. Studio keeps pushing back the release date
    6. Reviews not put in place until the last minute
    5. Poor casting choices
    4. Remake of a classic movie
    3. Rom-com movie with a giant cast
    2. Based on a video game
    1. There is studio interference

    Now you don’t have to watch this video

  2. Well, if Hollywood would leave classic movies alone and stop rebooting shit! Damn, ho many times are they gonna keep rebooting classic movies for them to bomb at the box office.

  3. Don’t forget to add turning any product into a movie. Sometimes it works (the lego movie, trolls), sometimes it doesn’t (The Garbage Pail Kids Movie)

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