Top 10 Secrets From the Grand Theft Auto Series

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With cities as huge as those found in the Grand Theft Auto series, there are plenty of hidden messages and Easter eggs just waiting to be discovered. Here we’ll be visiting every city from the Grand Theft Auto series to date and examining the secrets they have to offer. Whether they’re funny, reward the player, add to the lore or are just plain weird, they’re eligible for this list. We’re talking about secrets specifically added in the game by Rockstar in the hopes that players would find them, so the Hot Coffee mod won’t be eligible for this list.

00:50 #10: There Are No Easter Eggs Here
01:20 #9: Giant Easter Egg
01:55 #8: Moon Shooting
02:26 #7: The Ghost
03:08 #6: Bigfoot vs. The Beast
03:49 #5: The Frozen Alien
04:25 #4: Hotel Lights
04:55 #3 to #1: ?????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Secrets From the Grand Theft Auto Series

  1. I saw a YouTube video from some gamer who made a Halloween special centered around the ghost of GTA V.

  2. everyone needs to unsubscribe to this shitty channel since they won’t do countdowns anymore. my videos are more entertaining than this garbage of a channel. subscribe to my channel.

  3. BIGFOOT IS REAL IN SAN ANDREAS, he is invincible and carrys a chainsaw, only avialiable in the recalled copy where you get stuck in the story mode and can no longer play, if blockbuster refused to buy your perfect copy of gta u had that copy

  4. Let me just sit here, watch this video, then act like I already knew all of this because im a gta legend

  5. Going to be honest, I actually genuinely didn’t know about the moon one and literally have no idea how I’ve never known about it. O_O

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