Top 10 RIDICULOUS Celebrity Purchases

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The richest celebrities make some of the stupidest purchases. Have a little disposable income? Why don’t you do as Lady Gaga did, and purchase a $45,000 ghost detector? Or, if you love strippers, do as Drake did and throw $50,000 on the floor of a strip club! Whatever you do with your newfound fortune, make sure you don’t spend it rationally! Now, I’ll go back to making ramen in my microwave, thank you very much.

In this video:

#10. Lady Gaga
#9. Victoria Beckham
#8. Brad Pitt
#7. Paris Hilton
#6. Kim Kardashian
#5. Tamara Ecclestone
#4. Drake
#3. ?
#2. ?
#1. ?

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 RIDICULOUS Celebrity Purchases

  1. I am shocked there wasn’t a single car on this list. I guess they don’t consider cars ridiculous purchases despite some of them costing millions of dollars.

  2. I’m starting to believe that most rich celebrities don’t realize that they could be using their excess money for the good of mankind rather than spending it on over-the-top luxuries. I mean, gold-plated toilets? Seriously??

  3. how sad this people showing off money and in the end they are empty, with a disgusting need of get attention from the media as if after death they would be taking any of their posetions with them, celebrities who like to show off like this are the worst

  4. Brad’s art is actually pretty common and normal.. it’s NOT a random street painting from your local fair. Gaga, made somebody a fortune. unless she’s got a thing for the paranormal and hobbies in paranormal investigating which given her weirdness may actually not be far from the truth.

    Pretty much all the others here are just wasteful assholes bitching about equality of living and incomes when they’re wasting money on toilets and pet villas that the animals can’t even appreciate. Cage… is Cage… wondering when he’ll be back on Hollywood’s big screens. he’s one my all time favorites an least if the President is using his private jet HE’S paying for the costs and not the rest of America. which is sorta what we’re doing when we buy some dumbass rappers shitty album and he, she, they goes and drops $50,000+ on a single article of largely useless clothing

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