Top 10 Franchises That DESTROYED The Competition

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Top 10 Games & Franchises That Killed Their Competitors

These are the games that destroyed, obliterated or otherwise conquered their peers & competitors in the cut throat world of video games. While some might have been copies are clones and others were innovators in their own right, all of these titles, franchises and series made their alternatives a thing of the past. Welcome to and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Games & Franchises that Killed their Competitors.

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#10: “Tekken” (1994-) killed “Virtua Fighter” (1993-2012)
#9: “Half-Life” (1998-) killed “SiN” (1998-2006)
#8: “Candy Crush Saga” (2013-) killed “Bejeweled” (2001-16)
#7: “Grand Theft Auto” (1997-) killed “Driver” (1999-2012)
#6: “Resident Evil” (1996-) killed “Alone In The Dark” (1992-2015)
#5: “Skylanders” (2011-) killed “Disney Infinity” (2013-16)
#4: “Overwatch” (2016) killed “Battleborn” (2016)
#3, #2 & #1: ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Franchises That DESTROYED The Competition

  1. are we just going to ignore the one this which was not on this list? which
    i find amazing. League of Legends DESTROYING every other moba ever made,
    becoming the most played online game to date?

  2. i disagree on the first 1 Guild Wars 2 has a very very very competiive
    player size base :/ and its only 5 years old and WoW is really old so WoW
    got a giant head start i think Guild Wars franchise could compete in a few

  3. i agree with everything apart from no. 1

    I think Guild wars and its sequel definately stand a big chance against WOW

  4. perhaps if WoW create a console version, i’m tired of PC, i just left him
    for the consoles because i was tired of all that crash and fix, i have my
    videogame for 2 years and if crash is just buy a new one

  5. Great list as always, but…

    One thing that bothered me, and bothers me with everything on youtube, is
    that no one really seems to reference Runescape anymore. It’s like that one
    game everyone played at some point in their life, that’s actually really
    great even today, but NO ONE talks about it. It was pretty much THE first
    modern MMO ever made. But everyone is afraid to talk about it! i don’t

    Just would have been nice if you threw a runescape reference in that #1
    spot Watchmojo, but hey i still love ya!

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