Top 10 Best Action Scenes In DC Movies

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Top 10 Best Action Scenes In DC Movies

From Bane crashing the plan in Dark Knight Rises to Batman vs Superman and the warehouse fight in Batman v Superman, these are the best action scenes in DC superhero movies. For this list we are looking at any and all action and fight sequences in all movies based on a DC superhero. We’re counting traditional superhero movies like Batman and Superman to alternative hero movies like Watchmen. So join WatchMojo as we bring you the best action in DC’s superhero movies.

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00:50 #10. He Stole My Balloons!
01:56 #9. Superman Changes the Missile’s Path
02:55 #8. Kryptonian Civil War
04:04 #7. Batman vs. Superman
05:10 #6. Superman vs. General Zod
06:16 #5. Tonight, a Comedian Died
07:20 #4. Warehouse Rescue
08:24 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Action Scenes In DC Movies

  1. it terms of #4 who else was reminded of the Arkham series. Also #1 is a bit
    of a let down. not saying it doesn’t belong on this list just not #1.

  2. “Im not locked with you,You are locked locked with me here…” Rorschach’s
    prison fight or Rorschach’s fight in Moloch’s house should have been on
    this list.
    And #1 should be Warehouse fight from BvS!

  3. Why the fuck can u only include one scene from the dark knight? It’s a top
    ten, so if the joker bank rob scene is in the top ten, then include it.
    Don’t say the armored truck scene pushed it out when that was like number
    3. Why are u so illogical watchmojo. It’s really not that hard to have
    common sense

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