10 Weird Things Banned From Schools

Not doing your homework is a sure fire ways to end up in detention in most schools. But what about saying the word dinosaur, pretending to be Captain America, or having a trendy haircut? Well, all those things and more can get you in big trouble, so stay tuned

10 Stupid Reasons Students Were Arrested

If you thought detention was harsh, take a look at these poor pupils. From the student who was attacked by a police officer for texting in class, to getting jailed for throwing a snowball, AllTime10s brings you 10 Dumb Reasons Students Got Arrested. What did you think of 10 Dumbest Reasons Students

10 Most Evil Teachers

Forget Professor Snape... From spiking their student's oreos with sedatives to setting up a baby fight club, AllTime10s brings you the 10 most evil teachers. Check out 10 Mind Blowing Child Prodigies - Music = Borderland by Terry Devine-King & Marauding Masses by Terry Devine-King Click to Subscribe.. Check out