10 Ways We Can Achieve Immortality

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So you want to live forever, do you? Well we’ll see what we can do.

Whether it’s uploading your mind or freezing your body, there’s more than one way to outlive everyone on Earth.

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Watch 10 Weapons That Could Wipe Out Life On Earth

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10 thoughts on “10 Ways We Can Achieve Immortality

  1. It will probably become illegal to revive frozen people in a few centuries.
    Who would want to care for what will basically be technologically
    illiterate people with who knows how many centuries outdated mentality?
    They will become a burden on the society with almost no job prospects, be
    socially inept and probably unable to navigate such a society without help.
    My grandparents were born in the early 30’s and can barely make calls using
    a Nokia 3310…

  2. There’s a book series revolving around nanobots making people immortal.
    It’s a good series, called Argeneau Vampire Series

  3. I never thought there would be this much people against being immortal.
    Nonetheless, forget death, eternal life awaits!

  4. All scientists are insane,they have been with us all through history.”The
    mad scientist”Newton was as mad as a ‘March Hare’ They are the cause of all
    the worlds problems.They try to solve what they see as a problem,and create
    a thousand more.

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