10 Ways Russia is Preparing For World War 3

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With the fragile international situation at the moment, it seems fairly likely that World War 3 could occur in the next few years, or even months.

So here are 10 terrifying ways in which Russia is getting ready for that situation.

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10 thoughts on “10 Ways Russia is Preparing For World War 3

  1. Russia – 7300 warheads – Preparing for WW3
    USA – 6970 warheads – NOT preparin for WW3 🙂

    Please, Look up to both medal parties :)

  2. 6000 nukes…….wow! talk about overkill. does it matter who has the most
    warheads, both the usa and Russia have enough to kill everyone several

  3. World war 3 will be the shortest Cold War in history. It will kill
    millions, make the poor and middle class poorer and the rich people even
    richer…. The only reason they want war is money, and both countries want
    money, so they’re gonna fight for it. I only hope at least half the world
    is still salvageable in the aftermath.

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