10 Ways President Trump Could Change The World

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Donald Trump has beaten the odds to become the President of the United States. But what will change under his Presidency? Alltime10s investigates.

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10 thoughts on “10 Ways President Trump Could Change The World

  1. He might “make America great again” but he will make the world pay the
    price for it because we will starve, drown or suffocate. Climate change is
    real and it’s happening at a alarming rate. 😒

  2. A lot of your sources are extremely biased and unreliable. Find more
    alternative media and cross check it with other sources. The news outlets
    you are using are the very same outlets that said Hillary will win in a
    landslide and published false polls and attempted voter fraud. These news
    channels are the last ones to trust: CNN NBC FOX ABC etc

  3. WW3 will be a global civil war. Look at Europe already. Yes, the problems
    largely are the violent Muslims and the “rapeugees” damn near all of them
    are Muslims. With the stabbings on innocent women and girls in France,
    Muslims selling their women on the streets of England at night while the
    police are too cowardly to do anything about it, to the bakery shop hostage
    thing in Australia not long ago, tell me, what do you think will happen
    when one of these countries, probably Germany would be my best guess, says
    ENOUGH and starts fighting back. Within 1 hour the world will know of the
    “German civil war” as they hunt down, chase out, or deport all “refugees”
    which plainly, cannot be trusted. What will happen then? Do you think the
    psychotic Muzzies in all other lands will act on their best behavior? HELL
    NO. Every one of the murderous rapists will loose their last brain cell and
    go on a slaughtering spree no matter what country they are in. At that
    point, WW3 will be a global civil war. A global crusade against the violent
    scum of Islam. Now don’t get me wrong, many of them are good decent people
    looking to make a better life for themselves, however, if any of you are
    even slightly educated, you might want to read some of the bullsht that’s
    in that disgusting Koran. Its that hateful garbage which a growing number
    of these vermin truly believe, and even try to enforce their laws on OUR
    lands. (Sharia) When you find the evidence for yourself you’ll see that it
    would be insane to trust any of them. I’ll not provide any “references”
    because many left wing Libtards will scream I’m quoting from a far right or
    an inaccurate hate site. So do your own research and judge for yourself.
    And lastly, before any of you start screaming “racism” let me set you
    straight. Muslims are NOT a race. Islam is NOT a race. Christians are a
    race? Christianity? Jews? Judaism? Buddists? NO. The ideology of some book,
    and the followers of said book, do NOT constitute a RACE. Nothing said here
    has been “racist” in any way.

    So, stock up on flats of food and water. Get trained in firearms if
    possible. Being prepared for a (very) likely future isn’t paranoia. Its

  4. I mainly disagree with him on immigration and climate change other than
    that the other plans he has are ok with me. Atleast the ones mentioned in
    this video.

  5. Make America Great Again? That’s code nothing more. I don’t know when
    America stopped being great and how does the Donald make it great?
    But these issues are important and will just have to see. He has only 4
    years so let’s hope he does one thing above all, he denounces the racist
    B.S. that’s happening since he won on election night. it’s getting WAY
    outta control.

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