10 Questions Science Still Can’t Answer

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Science has unravelled some of the world’s greatest mysteries, but it can’t explain everything.

Why is it that we dream? And will we ever know what lies ahead after death?

AllTime10s gives you 10 Questions Science Still Can’t Answer

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13 thoughts on “10 Questions Science Still Can’t Answer

  1. WOW… 7 minutes of my life that I will never get back. You have got to
    learn what the burden of proof is. This video is a joke…

  2. is there a god? has an answer.Since you can’t prove god exists the
    conclusion is that he doesn’t

  3. “10 Questions Science Cant Answer Yet”
    Also, if god is real, who created god? If you say another god, who created

  4. 1. God of the gaps theory
    2. God of the gaps theory
    3. Irrelevant just plain psychology ( frueds Unconscious mind)
    5. God of the gaps theory, we clearly don’t know all science yet, other
    wise we would of cured cancer…
    6. Our body decays, the white light is your eyes shutting down last
    therefore that’s the “white light”
    7. Irrelevant to the topic
    8. God of the gaps theory – irrelevant to the title of the video
    9. No clearly not, all psychological if you want to believe enough you will
    – trick of the brain
    10. Psychology!!!!!!!!!!!
    All your arguments are pointless and irrelevant…

    1. +Arugahful Just because you say it’s irrelevant doesn’t mean it is actually
      irrelevant. If it is SO irrelevant, can you please explain it then? And
      everything you just “simply” explained actually did not explain anything.
      It sounds like you don’t actually know that much about these topics.

  5. the biggest question is, how are we made? who made us?how a women becomes
    pregnant “i mean its a miracle” tiny thing like a pea becomes a baby in 9
    months. up to this day scientist can’t even “create a fly #bug” . n this
    world was created over million years ago n still the science fails to
    create something close to living creatures. the answer is easy, in order to
    make creatures alive you’ll need to create a “soul” no soul no life.
    goodluck science geeks..while u guys are still trying to figure it out,
    there is someone above been creating creatures from millions years ago. cuz
    you don’t see it it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. we all have instincts ,
    conscious, small voice that tells the right from wrong and believe in that
    although we can’t see nor touch it. one day we all gonna see our creator ,
    be patients ya’ll btw i yawned when that dude yawned.

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