10 Products That Are Designed To Fail

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Surely engineers design their products to be awesomely reliable right? Well, not exactly as these 10 casing examples prove.

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15 thoughts on “10 Products That Are Designed To Fail

    1. Every appliance in my home is from 1952. And they all work. Tho the b/w Zenith TV did die a few years back – and I didn’t replace it. The average electric bill for my 4br home is $25 monthly – leaving me to believe that the older appliances were more energy efficient than they are today.

  1. And that is why PC gaming is the best, and PS4 is *okay* I guess, and Xbox is a *give me your fucking money and you can play in 4k!*

  2. This makes me so angry. Especially the TV, light bulb and other home appliances. I admit, I go to the store to buy lightbulbs by the dozens and keep them in my house because one will blow within 1 or 2 months. And we just got a new TV, fridge and washing machine last year because they all broke within 5-8 years or so.

  3. The Smartphone conspiracy is true because I had a iPad mini and it was not updating to ios9, ios10, or ios11 it did suck. The alternative get a new iPad.

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