10 Most Sexist Countries

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Despite advancements in gender equality in recent years, some countries still see a great amount of disparity between men and women. In many cases, laws work against women, preventing them from pursuing the careers they won’t or having equal rights within a marriage.

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14 thoughts on “10 Most Sexist Countries

  1. Man i never seen this video before but i was 100% sure that Saudi arabia is
    the most sexist not only Saudi but any country that have sharia law

  2. I wish everyone would learn to respect each other rather than pointing out
    all their differences and spreading the idea that someone is inferior
    because of characteristics they are unable to control such as being female
    or male or any features someone might have :-)

  3. The last sentence is simply incredible: “Saudi Arabian women only received
    the vote in 2015, leaving Vatican City as the only country in the world
    where only men have suffrage”. So, why the F**K isn’t Vatican City in the
    list of the most sexist Countries???

    P.S.: USA is NOT America. USA is a Country; America is a Continent of 55
    Countries, and USA is only 1 of them.

    P.S. 2: How can the author of the video consider USA more sexist than

    1. I agree that America shouldnt be on this list but Pakistan isnt
      sexist.Women can take pretty much any job they want, they can drive, they
      dont have to wear any head covering, they recently released a new women
      rights law., etc ,etc.

  4. remember iran is not muslim country thy killed my brother because he is
    sunni. shia is not islam
    iran shame on all the world for helping to kill syria kids and poor family
    iran most hatred country in the world
    iran most suffer in seven hells

    1. +guitarherops31 America is a country, Its the shortened name of The United
      States of America. Now if you believe that countries should be called by
      their exact name, then please call The Mexican United States by its
      official name.

    2. +Reziik I know. Everyone calls it America, because that has becomes its
      custom nickname. However, it is improper to call it such when you’re
      speaking in a formal way, especially when listing the names of nations
      around the world. It’s either: USA, the U.S, or the United States if you’re
      to shorten it.

      Officially the name is “The United States of America”. Anyways, I’m aware
      that it is just a minor error but I thought to point out because it made me
      a bit uncomfortable.

    3. +guitarherops31 People not from the U.S. just call it america, unless
      they’re canadian. Us canadians call it the U.S. as well

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