10 Most Addictive Substances

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If you try some of these substances just once, you could be hooked for life. Addictions can be life threatening, but sometimes quitting can be even more dangerous.

Some are hard drugs sold and bought highly illegally but one is available at just your local Starbucks.

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AllTime10s gives you 10 Most Addictive Substances.

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10 thoughts on “10 Most Addictive Substances

  1. I’ve taken a lot of drugs in my life and I think that this list is wrong. I
    believe that 4mmc or methylcathinone is much more addictive than cocaine or
    GHB. They are Norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin repuptake inhibitors
    so the release of dopamine keeps you fiending again and again and again
    until the money is gone! the other stuff on this list you can just stop

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