10 Mind Blowing Child Prodigies

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They might just be kids, but they’re some of the smartest, most talented people in the world.

From an 11 year old Harvard student to a teenager helping the US government beat terrorism, AllTime10s gives you 10 Mind Blowing Child Prodigies

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11 thoughts on “10 Mind Blowing Child Prodigies

  1. 8 life sentences. Yeah like he’s going to half die and come back to life 8
    times. Well actually…………….. 800 years isn’t that long

  2. So, Sho Yano is basically an Asian helicopter mother’s dream son-in-law/a
    real life Doogie Hoosier?

  3. Don’t feel bad, these child prodigy are simply born like this. Born with
    the brain power that’s able to process things many times faster then normal
    people. But this ability doesn’t come without a downside. The brain
    sacrifice a bit of something in order to become like this. Whether it’s
    being a sociopaths, disability, mental vulnerability etc…

  4. Wtaf I have my GCSEs in 1 week and I don’t know fuck shit well done to me I
    need the brain cells from these kids

  5. These guys immersed themselves in a world of knowledge when they were
    little. I, on the other hand, ate bugs to see which ones tasted better

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