10 Laws You Break Every Day

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You may think breaking the law is for criminals, but the 10 laws in this list make a criminal out of us all.

From farting in a classroom, to streaming movies online, these are the 10 laws we break everyday.

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10 thoughts on “10 Laws You Break Every Day

  1. Why would you be arrested for having a fucking marker for writing on paper
    in school? What if that was the only thing you had and you had no
    intentions on making graffiti in the first place?

  2. 1:23
    God damn. That teacher must have hated that student if she was low down
    enough to arrest him for owning something like a permanent marker. What a

  3. Imprisoned for 20 years and forced to register as a sex offender…..for
    consensual oral sex with two 20 year old girls.

    Good Job America!

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