10 Insane Military Operations That Could Have Changed The World

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From The United States being invaded. . . twice, to Russia planning to wipe China off the map with nukes! These military operation would have changed history entirely.

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10 thoughts on “10 Insane Military Operations That Could Have Changed The World

  1. The Six Days​ War was started by the nation’s surrounding Israel not by Israel attacking Egypt and Syria. I remember it vividly having been 17 years of age at the time and an avid watcher of the news as well as having read numerous accurate historical accounts of the war.

  2. What about Operation Downfall? American land invasion of Japan that would have resulted in the complete destruction of the Japanese people

  3. It’s hard to call the Confederacy “Team Slavery” when the Union still held slaves and was enforcing conscription. (I’m not pro-south btw. The south was shit.)

  4. Actually it was the French who suggested America to nuke Vietnam, we didn’t suggest it

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