10 Innocent People Wrongly Executed

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You might not have committed the crime, but you can still face a death sentence.

Sometimes the judge charges wrong person, other times no crime was committed at all.

AllTime10s gives you 10 Innocent People Wrongly Executed.

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12 thoughts on “10 Innocent People Wrongly Executed

  1. Poor bastards. Moral of the story is that if you hear a bitch getting
    raped, mind your own fucking business lol

  2. well the system is fucked up, i mean i can literally call police rn and say
    my friend killed his family and the will go there gun blazin and if he
    can’t prove that he didn’t do shit he’s fucked so basically i can lie just
    to get someone killed basically police are like a hitman like fr

  3. that’s worse than murder. so sad. and to think there are probably thousands
    of similar cases…

  4. this is why states shouldn’t have the death penalty. if you kill an
    innocent person the whole system is ruined as the sole purpose for capital
    punishment is to protect the innocent by permanently removing real killers
    from the possibility of killiing again. so if even one innocent person dies
    due to capital punishment the whole premise turns out to be untrustworthy
    and unreliable.

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