10 Incredible Undercover Police Operations

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Crazy undercover police stings are not only found in cop shows and movies… Sometimes they pull them off in real life. From the black cop who miraculously infiltrated the KKK to the real life ‘21 Jump Street’, these undercover police operations are truly unbelievable.

Music = Damage Control by Dave James, Michael Craig and Oliver Godfrey, and Agency by Igor Dvorkin and Ellie Kidd

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9 thoughts on “10 Incredible Undercover Police Operations

  1. A good friend of mine was almost jailed after buying a stolen iPad from
    some guy. He went to court, he spent good amount of money for lawyers, and
    he finally won the case. But lesson learned, never buy a thing from a
    seller who’s claiming the item is stolen.

  2. Number 5 is bullshit…. That would be entrapment….. would never hold in
    court…..Why are you guys making bullshit lies….. anything better to do?

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