10 Health Myths People Still Believe

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Today people are more health conscious than ever, but do we really know the myths from the truth?

Can carrots really help us see in the dark? Are microwaves killing the nutrients in foods? Find out with AllTime10s, in 10 Health Myths People Still Believe.

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10 thoughts on “10 Health Myths People Still Believe

  1. I drink all natural, organic, not from concentrate orange juice all the
    time .____. It doesn’t have a shelf life either and there is no added
    sugar. It needs to be constantly refrigerated from the moment I buy it. And
    yes, I do believe carbs do not make you fat ;)

  2. The sequence of the clips in this video is pure random. Your facts would
    make a decent podcast, but Youtube is clearly not the right medium for your
    type of presentation.

  3. Anyone who still believed these needs to read and watch something other
    than E! and other brain destroying reality TV.

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