10 Google Images That Prove TIME TRAVEL Exists

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Time travel might not be a possibility that we know of, but these 10 Google Images may have conspirators thinking otherwise..

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10. Time Traveling Cage
9. The New York Time Jump
8. Jumping the Matrix
7. The Watch in the Tomb
6. Mr. Pynchon and the iPhone of Springfield
5. Mobile in the City
4. Monroe’s Admirer
3. The 1970s Punk
2. The Out of Place Phone
1. The Basiago Experiment

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14 thoughts on “10 Google Images That Prove TIME TRAVEL Exists

    1. late 1970’s Canada and US in order to start collecting things that I know would be worth a lot of money today and bring it back to this day of age to sell them for a lot of money.

  1. #5.. yeah, it can’t be a walkie-talkie, or a small radio the guy in the picture is listening to, gotta be a cell phone, right?. That proves the existence of time travel, right?


  2. Cern is already time traveling giving us the mandela effect. Funny how throughout history no mention of any time distorded effects untill recently in last 5-10 yeara or so.

  3. If i could go back in time i’d go back to my school years and tell myself to cut my horrid long hair off.. Mullet in the 00’s….. No

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