10 Deadly Future Weapons That Need To Be Banned

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These ten weapons might seem like the stuff of science fiction, but they could easily become a destructive reality.

AllTime10s brings you 10 Future Weapons That Need To Be Banned.

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Watch: 10 Dumbest Weapons Ever Created

Music: Damage Control by Dave James / Michael Craig / Oliver Godfrey

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10 thoughts on “10 Deadly Future Weapons That Need To Be Banned

  1. 8:36 So it’s basically similar from a game called Call of Duty Advanced
    Warfare? In the story, a mercenary corporation called Atlas deployed a
    Biological Weapon called Manticore in the middle of a battle. Their troops
    live while their enemies die.

  2. None of these weapons would be needed if humans would get their sh*t
    together and stop fighting over trivial matters. If aliens came to Earth
    and saw us coming up with ways to kill each other, they would probably
    laugh their asses off. We’ve never truly evolved at all, feels like the
    stone age.

  3. So you mean to tell me that 3 grown-ass military soldiers were playing
    around and dazzling each others eyes just to fool around got blind in the
    process? This world I tell you…

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