10 Crazy Reasons To Get Expelled

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For some kids, keeping to school rules isn’t as easy as it seems.

From watching Glee to preventing a murder, AllTime10s brings you the 10 craziest shcool expulsions

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11 thoughts on “10 Crazy Reasons To Get Expelled

  1. the twearking part is also a very good reasone to expell someone since and
    innapropriate actions on school grounds are expleallable and twerking is an
    innaporopriate action

  2. The guy who got expelled for standing up for himself did not deserve
    that…also the fact that the bullies got no punishment is bullshit

  3. the last kid was crazy loll, but am i the only one who thinks that these
    teachers are unbelievably stupid and imbecil?????

  4. I was crying for the students except for the twerk part and the other
    things,those schools are so mean I would sue them 1,000,000,000

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