10 Countries With The Worst Human Rights Records

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Most of us live in countries with pretty strong human rights. But some people aren’t so lucky. From Chinese censorship to Saudi suppression, these are the 10 Countries With The Worst Human Rights In The World…

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10 thoughts on “10 Countries With The Worst Human Rights Records

  1. Do a top 10 misunderstood nations. And make Qatar number 1 because Saudi said Qatar funded terrorism just to cover up the fact that they’ve been doing it for years

  2. I live in iran, and I used to be in a punk rock band when I was 17. In our first “concert” basij (part of irans police) arrested us ALL for “Satanism”. Some even get whipped.

  3. Disliked. I guess the only thing gay men do is french-kiss each other since EVERY time the word Gay or LGBT was mentioned you all just HAD to flash said image. I don’t want to see that shit about as much as I want to watch to random straight people make out! Thanks for killing my boner! Kim Jung Un is sexy mother fucker! You have the audacity to flash his bonerific image, and then kill it with that gay shit!!! FUCK U BONER KILLER!

  4. This comment section is pure, unrefined cancer. Yes, believe it not the USA is not the worst place in the world.

  5. In the last years more people has died murdered in Venezuela because of criminality than in the Sirian Conflict

  6. Watching movies and listening to music in public is punishable in Saudi Arabia? Since when? Can anyone tell me? Listening to music through headphones is socially acceptable, but playing it loud on speakers or something like that on the other hand isn’t socially acceptable because of annoyance. Yeah drinking is punishable because it clouds the mind and it’s forbidden in Islam. Consuming pork is forbidden too because of how bad it is for health. Islam allows anyone to drink and eat pork only if it’s absolutely necessary to, like when they are close to death from starvation. And LGBT is also punishable because it’s forbidden too. God (Allah) created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, someone said. And being a journalist is totally normal. Women driving is a subject that’s quite hot here, I really don’t know why is that, maybe governmental issues or social issues, I don’t know. And about being an atheist, just keep it for yourself, it’s forbidden and punishable if the government knew. If they don’t know about atheists they won’t punish them. Mixing freely with and wearing revealing clothes in public are forbidden in Islam and are actually not socially acceptable too. ISIS has bombed Saudi Arabia five times (at least that’s what I know about) and nobody showed sympathy for us so here’s that. Slave trade? We stopped that nonsense since King Faisal’s time.

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