10 Cities That Could Be Wiped Out By 2020

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As time goes by, the risk of natural disasters gets ever greater around the world, whether it’s from volcanoes, earthquakes or sinking below sea level. From LA to Manilla, there’s 10 Cities That Could Be Wiped out by Natural Disasters.

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10 thoughts on “10 Cities That Could Be Wiped Out By 2020

  1. “Worst known volcanic event… …Mount Tambora…”
    You forgot the Krakatoa eruption and the supervolcanic eruptions that occurred a while back. Those were much more powerful.

  2. How about Venice Italy. Does Venice, Italy need to build another section over it? I think I remember learning that it faced being completely flooded a few decades to somewhere around a century ago, as well, until they built another section on top of it. I think they need to do the same. Build a third section on top.

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