10 Amazing Predictions By Using Math

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Most of us cringed every time we were forced to take a math class beyond algebra, all sighing the same phrase: “When am I ever going to use this?” According to our history, apparently, if you’re looking to make some incredible discovery, one of the first places you may need to look to is the ever dreaded math. The following 10 items will give us a look into the greatest predictions and discoveries ever made thanks to math and mathematical models.

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10. Happiness
9. Earthquakes
8. Drug Discovery
7. The Spread of Infectious Diseases
6. Terrorist Attacks
5. Gravitational Waves
4. Ceres’ Orbit
3. The Existence of Other Continents
2. Antimatter and Antiparticles
1. The Planet Neptune


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14 thoughts on “10 Amazing Predictions By Using Math

  1. I love math and told all the math I could. In 2014 I lost all my math and
    my numbers and the understand of then do to a brain aneurysm. I had to
    change my phone number because moving to a new state and I still have a
    hard time with the phone number. I have to write down them down and my new
    address. Because I can’t remember numbers anymore. Witch I hate because I
    love math

  2. I’m completely blown away by this.. Ive always dreaded math since I was in
    grade school, I still do, but these discoveries are very interesting.

  3. {LMAO…According to math, humans should br living better by 40 years
    This research would have been impressive had you mentioned Fibonacci and
    the Golden Mean.

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